To Maryland or bust

After all the weeks of waiting, it’s time for us to head to Maryland on Tuesday. Johns Hopkins and a whole new life for Howie awaits us. I tell ya, there is nothing like hitting the new year running!

Since Howie was written off work a week earlier by our family doctor, we’ve been getting to bed earlier than usual and getting up around 8 or 9:00am. Tonight we were in bed around midnight, and I was asleep before 1:00am. Sleep was fitful, though, and I am back up again.

I’m not sure if it’s the pseudoephedrine-containing cold medicine I’m taking or just a case of the night-before nerves, but I am keyed up. I’m also really tired, so ready to sleep. This whirring of the mind when the body wants a break…Ugh.

We can’t believe it’s time to head to Maryland already, time to meet our DG friends Dea and Michael for the first time, time to get settled into what will be our home for the next seven weeks. They’ve been so encouraging, so kind, this last few weeks; we’ve sent many e-mails back and forth as they’ve asked what kind of coffee we like, we’ve asked if they have extension cords…All the practical things you can think of when you’re talking about uprooting yourself for an extended stay somewhere. But it’s about more than practicality, it’s about love and opening ones heart and home.

Thank God we’re not just going to be in some generic hotel. Plus, we’re going to have the dogs with us ~~ How incredibly comforting that is in itself. Sure, there are people who invite you to stay a night or two with them, but this long? And then step out even farther and tell you to bring your pups with you? Boy, do we ever feel blessed.

My mind is looking ahead to Howie’s surgery, too. We have to be at Johns Hopkins at 5:30am on Monday. Heh, and I think I’m having trouble sleeping tonight? Really, though, with everything falling into place as it has for this surgery to even happen, how could it go any way except well? I know this in my heart…It’s just the brain that wants to tumble it all around. I mean, how can you wrap your mind around something so incredible? The mind has to pipe up and offer its dissent. Well, let it. God’s hand has been on this whole deal, and I’m not letting go of that.

Most of my updates will likely be over at Shrinking the H-Man, so bookmark that site if you’d like to hear about Howie’s progress and life in Maryland. Once he’s out of the hospital and we settle into a routine out there, I’ll be more faithful to this blog. In the meantime, come along for the ride! The article about us is in People’s Your Diet Magazine now, so head on over and read about it there. We’d love to hear from you while he’s recovering.

With that, I’m heading back to bed. Maybe this much-lauded slumber thing will work now that the catharsis thing’s happened.

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5 thoughts on “To Maryland or bust

  1. Praying for you both in the upcoming weeks. I know I have been slightly out of touch, but i have been thinking of you both often. In fact, I was bragging about the H-man to my own hubby just the other night after reading about him reaching his goal!

    I have him bloglined so i’ll be sure to see any updates! Stay safe in your travels!

  2. Dea & Michael sound like good Christian people to me. They are beyond wonderful to invite you to stay and also allow your dogs. This whole thing has been incredible!

  3. What’s wrong with Howie? I hope nothing major. I’m new to your blog so I don’t have the scoop. I will definitely pray for you guys!

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