Tip cup 2.0

Our store’s drive-thru doesn’t have an official, ceramic “thanks a latte” tip cup like we have at the front counter, so we improvise. We typically use a large to-go cup, weighted down with a few Whip-Its so it doesn’t blow out of the window. One day, I took apart one of the cups and made a template for making different “wraps” for the tip cup. At Dea’s request, I present today’s creation, the Bunny Cup!

The shots were taken with my camera phone, so forgive the fuzziness. The grass around the cup’s bottom I cut from green Post-It notes, and the rest I drew with a combination of Sharpies and wet erase markers. We’re kind of limited in colors, so everything’s pretty darned day-glo. Oh for a black light and a disco ball!

2 thoughts on “Tip cup 2.0

  1. For starters, I will admit that I have never been in one of these coffee establishments (including Starbuck’s). I just assumed that you stood in line, ordered your beverage, and then sat down to enjoy it or left. (Just like at a fast food restaurant.) I was not aware that a server came round to the tables and asked if you needed anything else.

    For me, and most people that I know in this area, I only leave a tip when someone waits on me at a table. This person has been constantly checking up on me, refilling my drink for free, and getting me whatever else I might need. I don’t like to leave anything less than 15%.

    On the TV show, $40 A Day, I have seen Rachel Rey leave tips at a counters end where she only stood in line and I wondered why she did it. Would she do this at say, McDonald’s? Those people make more than what my son has made at his past two jobs. I am in no way saying that tipping is bad. I wish we could all get tips! I’m just saying, I don’t understand it – especially at a drive-thru window. Is this a new etiquette that I am now aware of?

    By the way, the cup is adorable!

  2. I can understand your thinking. My best friend Amy told me the same thing when we discussed tipping. I used to think it ridiculous until I started working at the coffee shop.

    Tips aren’t expected like they are at a sit-down restaurant, but instead a way of saying you appreciate the great service.

    We’re very much a service-oriented business. For instance, it’s not unusual for us to see a customer pull into the parking lot and have his favorite drink already started by the time he comes inside. There is no tipping standard with coffee houses – not that I know of, anyway – but it’s a nice way of saying you appreciate great service. We have customers leave everything from 15-cents change out of $2 all the way up to a dollar or two.

    I’ll tell ya, though — The people who *really* do depend on tips are restaurant servers. The usual range is 15-20% of your total check, before any discounts. They make $3 (or less) an hour and at some places even have to tip out the bus, bartender and other staff out of their tips. If they are stiffed at a table, they end up in the hole.

    Check out these sites :
    http://www.iserveidiots.com (get past his sometimes bitter posts and see what he’s saying)

    In this blog entry, read the comments by the person named Clayton – he makes good points about it.

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