This vying for dominance has got to stop!

Emma and Sarah got into a tussle on the patio a couple days ago, not long before our R-I-D-E Wednesday night, actually. I know it’s normal for a younger, submissive dog to begin challenging the dominant dog’s authority.

Well, Sarah is getting older, and after Wednesday’s scuffle, she ended up lying down on the patio with Emma standing over her. Emma’s fur was standing up on her back and her ears and tail were both perked and still. That was just the beginning.

This morning, though, was just too much. Even I can’t endorse such maneuvers. Today Emma had poor Sarah in a head lock!

See for yourselves!

Emma had Sarah in a headlock!

It’s pathetic, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “This vying for dominance has got to stop!

  1. Thanks! Believe me, when I looked up, I laughed, too. I was surprised they stayed still long enough not only for me to get that shot with the phone, but to get one with the Sony, too! The phone’s picture was better, though.

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