This, too, shall pass

Construction continues, and our upstairs bathtub and its surrounding wall are being have been dismantled and removed. The wall behind the tile was pretty well rotten, so it’s good timing, all this. We’re having a Sterling 60″ shower with two seats installed instead of another tub; with Howie’s back injury, this will make his life much easier. Though I love baths, I rarely go to the hassle of one when I can shower so quickly.

Well, it’s done now, huh?

The downstairs is really looking good! I’ve not posted pictures lately, but I’ve been chronicling everything in photos (note to self: do backup!). John’s got the bathroom, hallway and laundry room all drywalled…It’s just amazing how it’s coming together. We’ll be sooo glad when it’s all done, though. Even though we’ve pretty much grown used to the various construction noises, it still makes morning sleep restless, and we’re looking forward to having a working sink, shower and toilet all in ONE room again (two rooms, if you count the full bath downstairs).

We found a beautiful, quality nylon carpet at Rite Rug yesterday. It’s a mix of soft blues in a deep, sculptured plush. Best yet, we were able to buy it in the form of three large carpet remnants rather than off the rack. We’d decided to get a cheap, taupe carpet at Lowe’s for $2/square foot, including installation, but it was lousy carpet and the cheapest padding. This way, we’re getting premium carpet, along with a nice, thick pad, and only paying a couple hundred more than the cruddy stuff would have cost us at Lowe’s. Moral of this story: Check the remnants section at your local carpet store!

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