I’m overdue in posting Tuesday’s This-N-That from the Passionate Ailurophile, but here goes!

1. Real or artificial tree?
Artificial for us – no needles, no waste, virtually non-existant risk of lights igniting a fire, and stronger branches for holding ornaments!

2. Real or artificial wreath?
Artificial, though I wouldn’t mind having a real one made with the trimmings from a fir tree (hmmmmm….have two of those out back).

3. Open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (or do you do another holiday such as Hannukkah)?
Some of each, usually. As a kid, we’d have dinner, go to the midnight Christmas Eve service in town, then drive around looking at Christmas lights. Magically, Santa always came while we were away from grandma’s house. 😉

4. “It’s A Wonderful Life” or “Miracle on 34th Street”?
They’re both great, but I guess “It’s a Wonderful Life” – I love Clarence.

5. Outdoor decorations, or just indoors?
Both! Bummed that the basement work this year is keeping us from putting up indoor decorations (save a tiny 2′ tree on the table). We’re “on call” for having the work done, so there’s no telling when they’ll be here to do it, and we’re afraid of extra dust making the tree into a nightmare clean-up job!

6. “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” or “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”?
Rudolph, always. I like “Here Comes Santa Clause”, too. It’s all fun!

7. Miniature lights or the larger ones?
Miniature inside, big fat ones outside (plus miniatures!).

8. Store-bought or hand-made ornaments?
Both. We have a really eclectic tree, full of ornaments both gaudy and lovely – all memorable and cherished.

9. TV Specials: The Grinch or Charlie Brown?
Another tough choice! We just watched Charlie Brown Monday evening and loved it, all over again. Gotta love those dancing kids at rehearsal. But the Grinch is a classic – I’d probably go with him.

10. Will you be staying at home for the holiday, or going visiting?
Well, considering we went to Louisiana for Thanksgiving, I think we’ll just stick close to home. We always do, anyway, since both my folks and my MIL live in the same town. It makes things very simple! When I was a kid, I lived in Illinois and we travelled to my grandma’s in Ohio each year for Christmas. *sigh* – I miss those times at grandma’s.

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