This is the dawning of the age of aquarium

We’re shopping for an aquarium, probably a 55gal, though we’d really prefer a 75gal since we’d like to have goldfish again. The bigger the tank, the easier it is to maintain, and since goldfish produce a lot of waste we want to have a big tank. (Plus bigger tank means bigger fish, or more smaller ones). We thought about doing tropicals again, but goldfish – especially the fancy varieties like these guys – have so much personality and they’re relaxing to watch. Tropicals dart all over the place, but goldfish just mosey around.

They’re more our speed.

I have a wrought-iron stand I bought with an old aquarium at a yard sale last year. The tank was a real oldie by Metaframe (how’s that for irony – before we used the term for internet stuff!). It was a weird size and impossible to find a hood for…Just more trouble than it was worth to make our own hood. We donated the tank to Goodwill during our Great Basement Cleanout of 2003; someone will be thrilled to get it for reptiles or other non-aquatic uses.

Anyway, the stand and filters I got with it were worth the $20 I paid. Thing is, the stand is an odd size: 48″ long x 13″ deep. We may be limited in what larger tanks would safely fit on it. We saw a 75gal setup advertised in the Jack’s Aquarium and Petsonline sales flyer. It’s an All-Glass Aquariums brand and is $139, including the hood and light. It measures 48″long, 18″deep x 20″ high.

My big concern is that, even with a board bringing the top of our stand out to the tank’s width, it would be topheavy. Those 75 gallons of water, at 8 pounds a gallon, would weigh in at 600 pounds! For that matter, I wonder if our floor will be okay under all that weight. It would be along our living room wall.

Am I just paranoid? Would any aquarists and/or physicists (even rocket scientists if you’re so inclined) care to comment?

2 thoughts on “This is the dawning of the age of aquarium

  1. don’t forget the 70 lbs. of gravel as well as 600 lbs. of water. yeah,you should make sure the floor is strong enough, maybe a ground floor.

  2. Hi, Andy –

    Thanks for leaving a comment. We ended up giving that tank to Goodwill. Then we found another tank that had no need of re-sealing. It came used at a good price, complete strip light, Ohio river rock gravel, both an undergravel and Whisper power filter, and nice artificial plants. Best, it’s 55gal and fits perfectly on the old stand we kept. We put it up against a wall in our living room and it’s been fine.

    We kept sarasa comets and a shubunkin goldfish in it for the winter, then moved them out to our pond in late spring. We’ve yet to get more fish, so we’ll be cycling all over again. Right now it’s just a water feature with no fish, LOL.

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