Thinking Pink

I haven’t ever addressed here exactly why it is I blog. However, since Dana has done such an eloquent job of summation, I no longer need to compose such an entry. I couldn’t have said it better myself, not on my best days. All I can add is this: Amen, sister.

5 thoughts on “Thinking Pink

  1. Our hours are bass ackwards — Howie works 4pm-12:30am, so we’re up late. I usually make the mistake of trying to “read just one more blog” or “edit one more photo”. You know how that goes! I didn’t get to bed until about 5am this morning. I’m a homemaker and we have no kids, so our erratic sleep cycle isn’t too disruptive. It’s nice not having an alarm clock jar us awake in the morning, and wonderful to be able to just stay up if we feel like it, but it really limits our social time with friends since weekends are the only time we’re free as a couple.

    And that, my pink encourager, is why I was reading you at 3:30am.

  2. …um, there has been to occasional 3 in the a.m. that I’ve been woken up (lately due to new neighbours with new barking puppies) and can’t get back to sleep so I find myself lurking through blogdom as well Miss Think Pink Dana.

  3. Thank you so much for the link to this awesome blog! How did you know that I was looking for a new one to read? 😉

  4. That almost sums it up – it really does. I think there is also a pain assuaging factor, but that might just be me. Thanks ladies – great read. 🙂

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