They’re not just for bee-reakfast anymore

I was taking pictures of the various flowers in our birdfeeder bed when I looked down and noticed this crab spider had caught herself a nice dinner.Crab spiders, in the family Thomisidae, are fascinating creatures. They secret themselves away in the shadows and jump out to catch their prey.They can change colors to match their surroundings. I’ve photographed white ones on pink flower and yellow ones on yellow flowers. I don’t think they can turn pink, but that didn’t stop this one from catching a juicy bee.

Do you think bees might taste like honey? Maybe this spider had a sweet tooth and this bee was her dessert.

Here are some other photos taken in the same flowerbed today. The sunflowers are volunteers, gifted to us by birds who visit the hopper feeder. We have a few unnamed sunflowers, northern sea oats, purple coneflowers, bronze fennel, globe thistle, high mallows, and circle flowers in this bed.

One thought on “They’re not just for bee-reakfast anymore

  1. I would have never realized that was a spider! It looked as though the bee had something white in its mouth.

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