The Thursday Three, Belated

How’d I miss these for so long?

1. What is the best Halloween costume that you have ever worn?
Had to be the Bad Hair Day Fairy. I had a wand and everything! I’ll have to see if I can scare up that picture, LOL.

2. What is the best horror or Halloween related movie in your view?
I don’t much go for the gross-out hacker movies, not anymore. I do like a great suspenseful, creepy movie, though. One of my favorites is The Sixth Sense. I loved that movie!

3. What is your favorite tradition and activity for Halloween and why?
Every year we go out to Pigeon Roost Farm with our best friends and take lots of pictures at the cool photo-op spots they’ve set up for just that purpose. It’s fun to look back at our pictures and see how much (or how little) we’ve changed. They have tame turkeys and goats which roam around, plus other animals penned for you to see, so it’s great fun. Then we go buy pumpkins somewhere cheap, LOL.

Bonus for comments: What should BBQ and I dress up as for Halloween?
I don’t know ya, so it’s hard to say. How about…Samson and Delilah? The classic brute and his belle.

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