The Three P’s

I thought I’d put in one more update before I crash for the night. I can’t believe I’m still up!

1. Parade: I made up a gallery of Thursday’s Parade of Homes pictures.

Right now the gallery doesn’t have links to my main gallery or other pages here at the site, but you can find your way back here. I made the link so it will open a new window.

2. Practice: Music practice was excruciatingly long tonight, 2 1/2 hours. All I wanted to do was sit down and get off my achey feet. The first hour, the band played so loudly we singers could hear nothing. Finally, some friends listening were honest enough to say it was way too loud – so loud it would probably make people get up and walk out of the service. After that, levels were adjusted and we could actually hear ourselves without having to scream the notes. My voice is shot tonight!

3. Pee: After practice, I stopped by my MIL’s apartment downstairs to say hi and visit. Her dog was friendly with me, as he always is, and sat playing in my lap for a while. Then he made his way up to his preferred spot, which is back up behind my neck. Usually he goes behind Nancy’s neck, but tonight he crawled up behind me on the couch. He felt warm on my neck, kind of soothing.

Then he felt hot.

Then I realized the heat was intense, plus it was saturating my clothes and dripping down my back.

The stinking dog PEED on me! Not just a little, either. My back was soaking wet with dog pee. After yelling a few choice things and smacking his face into the pee-soaked couch back, I retreated upstairs shower while my MIL quickly took the little pisser outside.

He did that to her one time a month or so ago, before she moved. It wasn’t on her back like this, though. Thing is, it was obvious tonight that he wasn’t just having trouble holding his bladder, but actually meant to do it. What is UP with that? Was he marking her as a favorite? Does that mean he likes me?

If so, he’s got to find another way to show his affection (humping my leg’s out, too).

Well, that’s it. I’m pooped (oh, that makes Four P’s). I’m going to bed so I may, I hope, dream of great music, beautiful decorating ideas, and otherwise dry things.

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