The History of a Sign (Historia de un Letrero)

I found this video, The History of a Sign (Historia de un Letrero), both touching and thought-provoking. Its truth is universal and what few subtitles are needed will help you with the translation. I suppose its main thrust is to show that success is dependent on how you present yourself, all in how you say it.

The irony is, there are so many people who, despite having two functioning eyes, cannot see the beauty all around them.

This film was a winner in the Cannes Film Festival’s online competition. Surprisingly, Alonso Alvarez Barreda has no formal training. The film is troubled with controversy, however, as Barreda has been accused of plagarizing an earlier Spanish Film, An Alm, Please (Una Limosna, por favor). You can read more about this story here. Regardless of whether he stole the idea, he assembled a beautiful and effective story with the raw material.

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