The shed spread

This past weekend found us busy working on the garden shed. We primed it with Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3 primer on Saturday, and on Sunday we put on two coats of the main color and gave the trim one coat.

Yesterday I applied the second coat of trim color and touched up spots where I’d colored outside the lines while doing the trim painting. Fortunately, my touch-ups didn’t require touch-ups! Anyone whose painted rooms or exteriors containing a lot of trim knows how that cycle can go.

The main color is Valspar “Homestead Resort Tea Room Cream” (what a long name!) and the trim is “Ivory Lace”. Amazingly, I picked out the colors in under five minutes at Lowe’s. This is an all-time record in speed-shopping for me and I’m proud of myself. 😉 One of the Valspar brochures showed a house painted with this combination and we both liked how it looked. Our house is red brick with white trim, but we didn’t want a red or rust-colored shed. This looks sunny and cheerful, a nice backdrop for contrasting flowers next year.

In the picture, the drip edging is still masked off with blue painter’s tape. This weekend I learned how not to mask off drip edging. Where a gap permitted it, I had wrapped the masking tape under the edge of the drip edging and over the front. If there was no gap, I just taped the front of the drip edge, up to the bottom edge. Taping around the drip edge did do a great job of keeping the paint off of it, but come time to remove it, the tape stuck to the underside of the drip edge and tore. I had to go back over the edge with a pocket knife and scrape the remaining tape off from underneath the edging. Next time, I’ll know to tape just the front of the drip edge!

It’s been unseasonably hot here in Ohio, with highs of 90 degrees the last three days. It’s been somewhat humid, too, so the paint took longer to dry. It was some hot work which would have been better had we begun at 8 or 9am instead of 1pm each day. But it’s done, and we love how it turned out.

All we have left to do is put lattice skirting around the bottom of the shed and landscape. I’m not sure whether I want to put a raised bed around the front and right sides or just mound soil up to the skirting. Because of the slope upon which it was built, the shed is raised about a foot in the front and looks very tall. I want to do something to visually shorten the front and make the side wall look taller. We have all winter to mull over that, though. The important thing is, it’s painted and ready to withstand the weather.

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  1. You did a great job painting and I love those colors. Since you chose them so quickly, maybe you should have gone into interior design.

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