The Power of a jealous Doggie

Tonight when I went to take the dogs out, I somehow managed to slip both leashes’ choke collars onto Buddy…And nothing on Emma! I didn’t even realize what I’d done until I saw Emma with Sarah at the back of our property and looked down to see two leashes leading to the beagle! I was in my nightgown and the last thing I wanted to do was chase after Emmy-Doodle at 10:30pm.

She is a real runner, part greyhound and all about long legs and speed. She also has not a whit of sense about roads, so we worry when she gets loose! From past experience, I knew better than to advance toward her or to use an angry or startled tone in my voice. So, I crouched down and said, “Emmmmmmma! Hi, Puppy! Hi! Go get ‘im!” (much like this) and made a fuss over Buddy.

Thank goodness, Emma couldn’t resist. She zoomed right over attack Buddy and I was able to snag her by her mesh collar. Whew! God saved my tushy, I’ll tell ya.

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