The plateau, she is broken

I’ve been scarce lately, but I’m still alive. Even with retaining water like a sponge, last Friday’s weigh-in showed a 1.5 pound loss – happy, happy, joy, joy! I’m down to 234.5 now. That’s 42.5 down and 59.5 to go to my goal of 175.

We’ve had a few really beautiful days the last week and I’ve been doing more outside in the yard. Lots of green out there, lots of cleanup to do still. I’ve been pruning the dead off of plants and clearing the beds of leaves. Should be out there today, but I’m feeling lazy after working pretty hard outside yesterday evening. I reckon I’ll get an hour or so in before dark (gotta love daylight savings in the Spring!).

Howie and I visited with our friends Saturday evening and had a great time. They made up a nice veggie tray and set out some cheese chunks, too. Before we even got there, we planned ahead: we’d limit ourselves to 3 servings (3oz.) cheese and munch on veggies. Well, guess what…We did it! Our friends have a digital food scale, so we measured out 3 servings of cheese and 1 serving of dill veggie dip. That’s all the fat we had there.

The old Howie and Kimberley would have just kept grabbing more cheese, eating on auto-pilot, even until it was all gone. We were gluttonous in private, but also in public, even while knowing this behavior was shameful. We know people commented behind our backs about our eating — shoot, some did so to our faces. But the habit was deeply engrained and we felt helpless to make lasting changes.

Somewhere, though, we did change. If you stick with something long enough, it really does become habit and your thinking does change. For example: While driving in Columbus Sunday night, we passed by a Rally’s drive-thru and Howie said, “You know, I used to salivate when I saw a Rally’s sign and really crave a burger. Now, I don’t really want one.”

I’m the same way and I’ll tell ya, it’s nothing short of a miracle. We’ve really enjoyed eating healthy food!

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3 thoughts on “The plateau, she is broken

  1. That is awesome. I haven’t heard happy, happy joy joy in forever. It’s nice to know it wasn’t just an Okie phrase from my teenage years That was neat of your friends to do that. Are they also trying to lose weight or are they just aware of y’all plight and offered to help out?

  2. We have awesome friends, yes. They have lost a bunch of weight, so are eating healthier themselves. But they did a nice tray like this for another visit back when they weren’t even dieting. We love those guys.

  3. It sounds like those friends really love you guys. How sweet of them to support you like that and even measure the food!

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