The plantaholic convergence

Tomorrow’s THE day. It’s time for opening day of the annual 25-Cent Perennial Sale at DeMonye’s Greenhouse in Columbus. Plantaholics like me will head there in droves. It goes on for three days, but folks tend to flood the place on Friday. Extra help is always required to direct cars for parking and keep setting out flats of plants for our greedy, dirt-stained hands to grab. It will be a complete madhouse, but everyone’s friendly. Gardeners are just cool people.

If you want to get an idea of what it looks like, I have pictures posted from our 2002 trip there. You’ll have to scroll down a bit (quite a bit) past the list of plants I bought that year.

I’m not getting there at the crack o’ dawn like some others will (what, you think I’m crazy?). Howie bowed out since he has to work tomorrow, but I’ll be heading into Columbus around 8:15am and stopping on the way to pick up Candy, a new friend I’ve made through Dave’s Garden. It will be the first time we’ve met in person.

The budget this year is one flat. Period. And I must not be swayed by the lovely sun-loving plants. I must concentrate on plants which will do well in our partly-shady front yard. My failure to do this over the past three or so years has resulted in what I call our horizontal garden, full of plants I dub things like lavendula horizontalis and coreopsis horizontalis. The poor things just keep reaching for the light until they look like they’re blown over in a windstorm. It’s really sad….And we have a lot of plants to transplant to sunnier spots out back!

A funny thing about this plant sale get-together…We learn from our mistakes. Last time we had an informal DG get-together and met at a store, several of us passed by one another repeatedly without knowing who we were seeing! So, tomorrow one of our group plans to arrive early at the sale and hang a bag of nametags on the fence by the entry. Smart thinking, and the folks at the greenhouse were great about letting us put the tags there.

We’ll check out the deals, then head over to another local DG member’s house for lunch. Several folks we know from the website will be there, including my folks. It will be so fun to visit with each other; we always have fun and have so much to talk about.

3 thoughts on “The plantaholic convergence

  1. ONE FLAT! What kind of superhuman can go to a sale like that and leave with just one flat? LOL or did you maean one flat of this and one flat of that…and one flat of that one in a different color… Have fun! Wish I could join you!!

  2. I just got home at 10pm, and man were my dogs barkin’ (both literally and figuratively). I have sore feeties, but plants from lots of sweeties and a smile a mile wide. It was a great day.

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