The original Gardenwife!

Every once in a while, it’s fun to be vain and use Google’s link: feature, to see who all might be linking to your site. I did that tonight and found that almost all the links were ones I posted at Dave’s Garden linking to my blog or gallery.

What’s strange is, I know several nice fellow bloggers link to this site, but they don’t show up with the search. I suppose sites with higher traffic are the only ones to show up on the Google radar.

Anyway, I found something both interesting and funny when searching Google Images for gardenwife: Posted at is a photo of a headstone. The image is called GardenWife.jpg and it’s included on this page.

Now, I love taking photos of cemeteries with their wonderful old grave markers, but I can’t claim this one. Even after reading the description below the photo, it took a moment:

In Memory of
Annabell Alice
Wife of Charles Garden
Daughter of Hon. Charles and Ann Fisher Connell
Born April 13, 1851
Died Sept. 21, 1927
Anglican Christ Church cemetery, Lower Woodstock.

I guess the mystery’s solved. It just tickled me since Gardenwife is not a name I run across very often. Good for me, huh? 😉

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2 thoughts on “The original Gardenwife!

  1. I love taking pictures at the cemetery also. I have some in my photo gallery. There’s just something I like about the peacefulness of the whole place. Plus, the Lexington Cemetery has two ponds with ducks and huge goldfish that you can feed. They especially love crackers!

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