The New Voice of Blogger

Blogger has a nifty new AudioBlog feature which lets you call a telephone number and record an entry for your blog, which is then posted as an MP3 file to your blog. You still have to publish it, though, like any other blog entry, so it’s not instantaneous.

It’s a fun novelty, but I’m not sure how much I’d use it, especially for $3/month. They sell it as being something you can do from anywhere (like from a cellphone while you’re out on the road, for instance). Considering I am not out on the road, but at my computer, a lion’s share of my day, I just don’t think this is for me. Plus, I and can probably type my thoughts more coherently than speak them – And my typing never sounds nasally and gross!

But they did have a free trial (of course) allowing me to leave one AudioBlog entry, which I just did:

Powered by audblogaudblog audio post

C’mon, fellow bloggers. Do your part and transport, yea, catapult yourselves into Blogger MP3dom. 😉

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