The Mile High Club (Blogger Style)

Well, we’re heeeeere! We’ve been hanging out and relaxing with Lisa’s family, so I just haven’t gotten online much. Like smarty-pants says, “Kimberley’s got a life!”, LOL. But I was thinking about my blog on the first flight, and I typed this on the laptop while heading to Memphis, Tennessee.

We?re cruising at xx feet, on our way to Memphis, and I?m so excited! The airport experience was great. I printed boarding passes right from Northwest Airlines? site yesterday, and we just cruised right on through.

As we took off, I couldn?t hide my excitement. Yes, I know I look like a tourist, folks. Gee, maybe that?s because I?ve only flown four times or so in my life and I LOVE it. Going from cold, rainy dismal Columbus to a place high above the clouds is incredible. I had my face pressed to the window for a long time, just looking at the clouds below us. They look like snow, so beautiful. And it?s sunny up here. Aaaaaaah.

Really, our flights could not have gone more smoothly. I had our receipts and boarding passes printed and ready, so when my folks dropped us off at their airport, we just checked our bags at curbside, and proceeded unobstructed from there. We are fortunate we didn’t fly out just before Thanksgiving – I can’t imagine what a crazy place it will be then; we don’t fly home until Monday, December 2, so that should be slower, too.

The first plane was a fairly small one, and our view from the window was predominantly of a big engine. The row of windows were beneath the wings. But that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm, for I really love flying. I love the sensation of acceleration and lift-off, the sensation and sight of the earth slipping away behind us. There’s nothing like it! And it’s so neat to go from a cloudy, cold day and suddenly break through the clouds to unubstructed sunlight.

The connecting flight from Memphis was on a slightly larger plane. And, thanks to a rather odd man, that flight was quite memorable. Across the aisle from us was a pretty strange guy. I could tell he was really nervous about flying, for he kept putting his face in his hands while the plane taxied down the runway. When the flight was underway, he counted — and recounted — a wad of cash. Not the brightest bulb in the lamp, I’d say. It was more than showing off, though; he seemed more obsessive compulsive, complete with repeated hand movements.

A little later, he reached down and grabbed a large plastic bag, the type you’d get at a gift store. He opened it and peered inside.I was afraid he was going to throw up.

But he didn’t hurl his lunch, thank goodness. He did, however, floss his teeth with the edge of the bag. Ugh. It was quite a production, too. He got both his upper and lower front teeth with the edge of that plastic bag. I had a hard time not staring at him. After a while, he took a piece of paper and rolled it into a little tube. This tube was perfect for a number of things, but what he chose to do with it was pick at his ears. I don’t know how his seatmate could stand it. She had her eyes closed a lot of the time, probably feigning sleep and wishing to God the flight would be over soon.

Refreshments were served, wee packages of salted pretzels and our choice of beverages. Mr. Strange bought a wee bottle of something with a percentage on the label. By the time we landed, he was loosened up (probably relieved he survived the flight, too) and very talkative. By then, his seatmate got to be regaled with his stories and expansive hand gestures. Oh, my.

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