The Mean Kitty Song

Anyone who’s had a kitten knows they can be angelic little beings…When they’re sleeping. The rest of the time, they’re terrorists. As Laurief at Dave’s Garden said as a word of advise to Melva, unsure about letting her nookitty Corky out into the whole at large,


And don’t worry about the clutter. Kittens LOVE clutter. In fact, if you don’t have enough clutter to keep him happy, HE’LL MAKE MORE! Don’t worry about losing him in the clutter, either. Although he may, indeed, find lots of fun hidey holes to hide in, he’ll reappear anytime he wants food or affection.


That about sums it up. Snoopy drove us nuts with her “cat toys”, sometimes deftly retrieved from trash baskets, sometimes left accidentally on a table…Bottle caps turned hockey pucks on the hardwood floors, plastic rings from milk jugs, crinkly celophane wrappers from bottles, you name it.


And the nipping! Kittens love to bite and claw. They’re trying out their built-in weapons, seeing how it is to hunt.They have to be taught not to bite and claw their humans or other inappropriate objects. When blowing in the kitten’s face didn’t work, we’d flick her nose with a finger while saying a loud “NO!”. That usually did the trick. Of course, sometimes kittens (and cats) bite because they’re overstimulated and they kind of short-circuit. At times like those, a little time-out from petting and playing is good.


Sybiltwo at DG linked to a video at YouTube that vividly and humorously illustrates what life with a kitten is like. It’s a keeper!

Cory posted the lyrics in the information section on the video’s page.Can anyone relate? I sure can, and I laughed out loud when I watched that. It’s favorited now, you betcha! I like Cory’s style, too, so I’ve subscribed to his channel.

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