The lighter side of spam

My inbox is clogged with spam, too, and it’s a pain. But it can be fun, too. Here’s a little story made up soley of spam subject lines I received in today’s e-mail. All I’ve added is punctuation.

Wanna be the best in bed?
Tired of arguing with your doctor?
Feeling depressed about the size of your love tool?
Don’t live in pain!
Longer is better!

This will help you be the best in the sack.

Some unknown facts,
A surprise invitation –
The scientifically formulated product for your johnson!

Get setup today!

I use POPfile to filter my mail before it even hits Eudora (yes, I switched back to it from Thunderbird – I just like its handling of multiple accounts and folders better).

E-mails POPfile suspects are spam are marked as such in a special line in the e-mail headers; I just have Eudora take the suspected spam and filter them into one folder, then plunk the rest as “okay” into my inbox, where my normal filters for plugging e-mails into various mailboxes take over.

My desk might look like a disaster, but I am really organized when it comes to my e-mails. Who’d a thunk it? 😉

2 thoughts on “The lighter side of spam

  1. I haven’t had a real problem with spam. Kevin has always said to just delete the stuff and not click on anything, so that’s what I do. I might get one spam mail a week if that.
    I just can’t believe that they can send that stuff! What if it were a kids email address?!

    Hopefully it will stop for you too if you keep ignoring it 🙂

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