The lady doth protest too much…

“Stop, stop…You’re killing me!”, I cried.

Then clicked the NEXT button, anyway. These pictures are outrageously clever, and, despite my drooping eyelids, I just can’t stop myself. Every once in a while, I’m reminded of Worth1000 and I stop by there. Tonight I’ve been cackling with glee as I’ve browsed through some of the contest entries, both past and present.

Check out Stupid Protests, for one. Oh, and Prototypes! These brand name parodies are a hoot, too. They remind me of the old Mad Magazine parodies.

Well, that’s all. I’ll just go chuckle quietly to myself now.

One thought on “The lady doth protest too much…

  1. Gardenwife’s Plot

    I found Stupid Protests, Prototypes and Brand Name Parodies over at Gardenwife’s Plot. If your looking for a good blog, visit her site; I?m sure you will enjoy it….

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