The hits just keep on coming

I have an update to Thursday’s entry regarding Howie’s back.

Our family doctor returned his call this evening and filled him in on more MRI details. This is the synopsis he sent me in an e-mail:

L1 L2 has drying of the disc
L2 L3 has arthritis and foraminal stenosis
L3 L4 no disc plus foraminal stenosis
L4 L5 no disc plus foraminal stenosis
L5 spinal stenosis plus a possible tethered spinal cord

Plus there’s arachnoiditis, which is thickening of the area around the nerves. Not sure where she said this was. May be all over.

The tethered cord is the worst. I think by the sound of it this that it could paralyze me. She did not say that but I would think if something is stretching your cord. She said if that is the case it would require surgery. The stenosis is where the area where the spinal cord is located gets narrow. The spinal stenosis is the canal where the cord goes and the foraminal is on the sides where it shoots out and forms the sciatic nerve.

Once I calmed down a bit, I looked up tethered cord syndrome and arachnoiditis.

Who knew all this was going on in my dear husband’s poor back? Sometimes ignorance is bliss. And it still sucks that he’d work so hard to lose his weight and get fit, only to have a diagnoses like this pop up.

I know, I know…Knowledge is power. Life isn’t fair. Good thing he lost the weight or it might have been worse. One day at a time. As you can see, I am not at a loss for comforting affirmations. I’m at a lack for peace.

I know that whatever comes, we’ll get throught it. I mean, really, is it a matter of strength when you come right down to it? People do what they need to do when the poop hits the fan. I just wish my husband didn’t have to be going through this.

3 thoughts on “The hits just keep on coming

  1. Is this all because of that one fall in 1994 or was something going on before?
    I will put Howie on my prayer list.

  2. Thanks, Tami and Naomi. Howie’s scoliosis was pre-existing, but all these other issues have happened since his fall and surgery. Tethered cord can be present when a baby’s born, but adults get it too from injury, scar tissue adhesions following surgery, etc. The arachnoiditis can be caused by surgery, too.

    We just wish the doctor’s office would get the appointment set up with the neurosurgeon so we can ask more questions soon. For the layman to read the medical documents about conditions is a scary thing — a surgeon might look at the MRI and right away see what things are not as serious, but we would never know.

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