The girls in their confinement

We used to crate Sarah and Emma when we were gone, but the huge crate they shared took up too much space in our tiny house. They are trash dumpers, so rather than put every single wastebasket above doggie reach, we close them in the bathroom with a comfy dog bed.

They also have fresh water available in a bowl we keep in the shower for them. And in the winter, their bed is right in front of the heat register.

Now, we DO have to remove the TP from its spindle, for it’s routinely shredded by Sarah if left in place. Inadvertently leaving the vanity’s cupboard door ajar does not end well, either; we’ve come home to find Sarah has shredded and/or consumed everything in the bathroom trash (and ladies know such contents can be quite nasty).

The girls know the difference between “go to bed” and “go to your room”, but they often act like they’ve misunderstood us and head toward the bedroom when told to go to their room.

Oh, doggies…They act like we’re heartless each time we leave, but they really have it good here. LOL

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6 thoughts on “The girls in their confinement

  1. I cannot comment on the YouTube video below because it says a link is missing or something like that.
    Anyway, are your Hostas big enough?! They are huge and healthy! Mine are nice, but not near as big.
    As far as putting Sarah and Emma in the bathroom – I think this is a great idea since you know they cannot be trusted when you are gone. I am no way slamming you, but I do wonder if this could be an issue mainly with crated dogs. I’m sure no study has been done, but it seems I read a lot where dogs that were crated early on cannot be trusted to not tear things up. Have ever you had a dog you did not crate for comparison? Now I am curious.

  2. I know you’re not slamming us. We are firm believers in crating, especially since I grew up seeing our dogs retreat to their crates for naps and to chill out when things get crazy at home. They’re denning animals, so the crate’s their den.

    That said, I think a lot of people crate irresponsibly, just forcing the dog into the crate and leaving it there while it freaks out. If a puppy doesn’t take naturally to being crated, it must be taught that the crate is a good place to be and not a punishment.

    We don’t know what Emma’s life was like the first ten weeks of her life, but she has major separation anxiety. Shoot, being dumped at the pound with two siblings was surely trauma enough, let alone whatever else she’d endured before that. When she was a puppy, we crated her for housetraining purposes. We learned that leaving her in the crate alone while we were gone was a disaster because she’d get SO freaked out about it. We’d find her bathed in saliva, the bottom of her crate thick with it. She’d try to chew through the metal. Her bowels got messed up from the anxiety. It was awful.

    But we couldn’t leave her loose in the house with that anxiety, either, or who knows what she would have destroyed. The solution came at the suggestion of someone we knew on a forum who suggested we try putting Sarah in the crate with her.

    The calming effect was immediate! It’s like high strung horses having stable pets like sheep or goats to keep them company in their stalls.

    Before that, we’d left Sarah loose when we were gone and, except for the occasional foray into the trash, she was fine alone in the house. I think Sarah picks up on Emma’s anxiety now if they’re left loose in the house, and that’s why she chews.

    They’re inseparable now and we know we need to have a puppy here soon so Emma can bond with it while Sarah’s still around. Otherwise, Emma is going to be a poor lost soul when Sarah dies someday. 🙁 Sad thing to think about, but reality.

  3. Regarding the hosta, it could be you have a different variety that doesn’t get as big. There are lots of hostas out there. I would be glad to mail you one – they ship well. 🙂

  4. Crating is the only option for some dogs – and most Greyhound owners end up loving crates, because their dogs do.
    But I like the bathroom idea. Do you have to leave them a copy of Dog Fancy magazine?

  5. No, they prefer the taste of newspaper. I do leave the window cracked a little so they can read their peemail from inside the house.

  6. You have two beautiful dogs! Some of their antics and thought processes remind me of my boys.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    God bless.

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