The Energizer Bunny

Angie just called me. Power at her folks’ house was knocked out yesterday by the recent spate of nasty storms. Resourceful gal that she is, she headed over to her sister’s house to mooch their shower and A/C. Sure enough, another storm came through around 5:00am today and knocked her power out, too.

I said to Angie, “Well, don’t you be coming over here…We don’t want to lose power!”

Like I told her, she must be like the cartoons you see of a guy walking around with a grey stormcloud over his head. She just takes it with her.

This is useful to know, however, because you never know when this talent might come in handy! Say you’re out working with electricity and get zapped. Your friends can’t knock you away or they’ll get it, too. Who do they call? Why, Angie of course! She can dash over (faster than a speeding bullet) and BOOM, the electric will go out. Everyone’s saved (well, maybe not you, unless she got there really quickly and you’re made of pretty strong stuff).


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