The eagle has landed

birdBaldEagleBlueSky.jpgIt’s good news for fans of Haliaeetus leucocephalus in Ohio. Bald eagles that is. All-American big birds, rapturous raptors. Gotta love ’em.

Today’s local paper has a terrific photo of what appears to be a juvenile bald eagle. There’s also a good article about the ODNR’s efforts to attract, spot and monitor bald eagles here in Ohio. 2006 is a record-breaking year when it comes to bald eagles in Ohio. It’s exciting and it has us looking forward to doing more things outside as Howie heals. We and I can’t wait until he’s feeling good enough to go birding again. This surgery has given us both a new lease on life. I hope we never take this great gift for granted.

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2 thoughts on “The eagle has landed

  1. Wow, that is great that the eagles are doing so well in Ohio! Since I don’t live far from the Mississippi River, we have Eagles around this time of year. There is a town about 10-15 minutes of here called Clarksville that has a lock and dam. This time of year is what they call “Eagle Days”. It is the best time for eagle-watching and there are conservation agents on hand etc. People take lawn chairs, blankets and binoculars and make a day of it 🙂

  2. I seen them over our neighborhood. They were feeding off a deer carcass on Price Road. Quite a site to see, especially so close to town.

    I hear that there is a place where they dump road kill deer somewhere near Howard, Ohio. The newspaper said Knox County has 24 eagles. To bad we don’t have the big bucks for long lenses.

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