The Dust Might Pose A Problem

They finished up yesterday, so the job took three days instead of the projected two. The crew was courteous and cleaned up after themselves, and the foreman answered our questions thoroughly. When the were just ready to leave, after we signed off on the work, the foreman called the home office so we could talk to them and tell them our thoughts. We reiterated that Kevin the salesman told us they would have a cleaning service come in after the work was completed. They balked at that, saying they’d have to talk with Kevin. Of course, he didn’t put that in writing, so it’s our word against his.

All I know is, my new computer desk, which was clean Monday morning, had a layer of dust on it by Monday afternoon. And it only got worse. Ever since the work started, my sinuses have been terrible. They get that way when I’m around a lot of dust stirred up or around mildew and mold. We went out Tuesday night and I felt better, but shortly after we got home again, my sinuses started getting bad again. It’s hard to quantify that sort of thing when speaking to someone, however.

I cleaned the kitchen surfaces because we prepare food in there, and my desk because of the computer equipment, but have not done anything in the living room. The field supervisor can see the dust in there and make his decision, I guess. What makes us mad is how the salesman offered the moon and stars to get us to sign, and because so much of it was not in writing, it’s up to us to fight for it. Guess we’ll know to always get stuff in writing in the future, not just trust people.

An addendum, after more thought: The dust isn’t the biggest issue to us. It’s the fact that we’ve been charged a truly horrendous amount of money by anyone’s standard for this major work, and we want the company to honor what their salesman said they’d do. I hate it that salespeople can dangle carrots in front of customers and not be held responsible for what they promise. The field manager will be here at 11:00am tomorrow, and we’re going to tell him such if he doesn’t choose to honor what Kevin told us. We are also going to show him the picture of the caution statement on that mastic stuff. That was a major boo-boo as far as we’re concerned.

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