The downward spiral

I forgot to mention, I lost 2 pounds last week! That’s 10 pounds down since I started in earnestly again a couple weeks ago and 31 pounds total since April 2004. Like Howie’s It’s Shrinkage! gallery, I’ve posted progress pictures. I slacked off for many months while Howie kept at it (which, of course, is why he’s lost 89 pounds to my 31).

I can’t change the past, but I can keep going forward – it’s all any of us can do. I am happy I maintained that loss, still, even over the foodful holidays. {Patting self on back} Howie and I joined the YMCA last week, and tomorrow morning is our first visit. If our friend Amy can get the kids into the Y’s childcare, she’ll join us. They offer members free childcare, so it can fill up fast if a lot of parents are there.

Howie plans on going 5 days a week, taking weekends off. He plans to swim for his main exercise – wonderful for his back. I think I’ll start at 3 days a week and see how that goes; I am notorious for going into something full-throttle at some new physical endeavor, overdoing it until I have serious pain, and then never getting back into it. I am starting small and working my way up.

Tomorrow I’ll probably just walk around the facility and see where everything is, then maybe do a bit on the treadmill or walk the nice indoor track. I can’t swim until I shave the winter forest from my gams! We’re talking about doing the “Wet and Wild” workouts that take place in the deep end of the heated pool 3 days a week. They’re early (for us) at 9:00am, but it would be fun to do a group thing and meet people.

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7 thoughts on “The downward spiral

  1. wow!! both of you look incredibly amazing!! Way to go!!!
    and you are right. you can’t change what’s past, you can only move forward from today. as my dear friend nattie would say “onward and upward!” or in your case, downward!

  2. Your doing great baby. Keep up the good work. 31 pounds is awesome. Your getting closer and closer to being under 200. Plus your only 69 lbs from your goal. You can do that easy this year.

  3. It’s great that even while you were not dieting, you maintained the weight that you had lost. Maintaining is the tough part for most people so you should be proud 🙂

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