The Dog Factory

Most people in the US have heard of the Library of Congress. It’s a huge repository of all kinds of media, everything from books to art to music to film. What many don’t know is, it offers a lot to the online browser. Media holdings are also available for viewing and even download on the Internet Archive.

This site is one to bookmark and visit regularly. There’s something for everyone and you’re guaranteed to learn something with each visit. It’s not all education, though. There are full-length movies, songs, and other types of media there. Some of it is definitely one of a kind. Take this 1904 silent film, the funny The Dog Factory. You have to admit, those hot dogs are easier to care for than the dogs they’re made from, plus they take up less space.

The site also boasts a large collection of archived webpages. That’s right, they’ve archived the Internet. The Wayback Machine lets you see what a website looked like years back. This is why it’s important you know your words, when posted online, are going to be around for a long, long time. It’s fun to see what favorite sites looked like years back. Check out some of your favorites and see what you find.

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