The day’s arrived and we’ll

The day’s arrived and we’ll soon be heading to Tennessee to meet our DG friends. My DH has been *wonderful*, coordinating and packing the car and getting so much ready for our trip. I packed my clothes. LOL. He’s so good to me and I’m crazy about the man.

I saw the surgeon today and after a brief poke-poke here and prod-prod there, he said, “hmmm, yep it’s a hernia. When’d you like it fixed?” He’s a cool doctor, really nice, and puts you at ease. And he’d GOOD. He did my mom’s mastectomy and some other friends’ surgeries, so I am very comfortable having him do this. I’ll have outpatient surgery July 10. This Tuesday he’s having me get a CT-scan to see if it will help show the reason for the pelvic pain I’ve had for two+ years. That’s been worse than the hernia pain, and I hope these tests will finally show a reason for it all.

Oh, and a bit of fun happened once we got home from the doctor’s office. I heard a curious drip-drip-dripping sound in the kitchen and traced it to a place between two of our metal kitchen cabinets. Evidently we have a leak in our roof, or maybe (our prayer here) the torrential rains we had this afternoon somehow worked their way into one of the attic vents. It really did rain hard. It looks like the rains are almost over, so we’re just putting a bucket beneath it to catch the drips and counting on my folks to take care of things if anything unusual happens. They’ll be stopping by to check on the kitties, anyway, and they’ll watch. Dad (not absentee father) said he’d go up in the attic and check things out when we get back.

Oh, we really hope it’s not the roof. The building inspector told us in 1999 that we’d be fortunate if we got another 5 years out of the roof. Ugh…It’s just that we are planning a trip to Louisiana for Thanksgiving,and if this roof thing happens, we won’t have the cash to do that. We don’t have credit cards any more because we were too foolish with the darned things. Times like this, when there’s big-time costs looking us in the face, it’s easy to get just a smidgen stressed. And now that I know I have to have surgery and recover from that, I can’t think about getting a job right off to help out. Blargh (an Angie word, but it just fits).

But…We’re going to Tennessee and I am going to enjoy myself and meet my buddies. And we’ll just have to take each day and each issue as it comes. What else can one do, you know?

HEY! It just occurred to me that we’ll be able to see MIBII before I have my surgery. Way cool – I can’t wait to see Tommy and Will at it again. And, unlike some mega-hyped sci-fi movies (which shall remain nameless – as if I NEED to even name the latest one), this will not dissapoint. Of course, give it ten years, when they’ve done MIBIII, MIBIV, MIBV, MIBVI…Then ask me if I am still hopelessly enthralled by them. (I think I will be).

I think I will watch a bunch of movies after I have my surgery. That just sounds really, really fun. “:o) When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? Oh, and by the way, DO NOT just go to – it’s a porn site, I just learned. Garsh! It’s that forwards you to Sony’s official site. Whew!! Never saw so many danged pop-up windows. Yuck!

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