The day your grammar ran away

Although the subject of this news bulletin from a local radio station isn’t a bit funny, the reporter’s poor wording made for an interesting read (or a fascinating study in time travel):

An Army Sergeant was convicted of raping his ex-girlfriend’s
5-year-old son after a two-day jury trial in Licking County Common
Pleas Court. The jury took only three hours Tuesday night to convict
38-year-old Staff Sergeant Roberto Argueta of Westerville on one count
of rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Argueta is now being
held in the Licking County jail awaiting sentencing. His bond has been

Good grief, how could they convict the guy if he didn’t rape the boy until after the trial?

Grammar: It’s a terrible thing to waste.

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2 thoughts on “The day your grammar ran away

  1. HA! that could have been real crime prevention had they not let him back on the street after the trial to perpetrate the crime. Perhaps the child needs to sue the court for failing to protect him from the crime that they convicted the man of in the first place….

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