The Day The FridayFive Died…

We were singin’
Bye, bye good ol’ Friday Five
The questions get so stressful
It’s no wonder you hide
That crazy Busgirlie must be bursting inside
She’s found a way for us to get by…
She’s gone and let her own questions fly…

If you’re brave, download the song. 😉

1. Love. describe it.
Well, it’s more than a feeling, for feelings are fickle. It can be all warm and fuzzy and wonderful, but it can also take you right out of your comfort zone and put you at risk. But it’s worth it.

2. What is the one thing you would fight for… or even give up your life for?
In the real crunchtime? My family. In honesty, I have a ways to go before I can say I would give up my life for my faith; I couldn’t do that in the flesh, that’s for sure, but I think with God’s strength I could do what needed to be done.

3. Describe heaven.
Indescribably beautiful. I think all the metaphors we hear of Heaven being paved with gold and stuff are just ways God gave us to visualize. I think our human minds are not capable of imagining what it will be like, so God has given us pictures. The Bible says there’s no sickness or death there. That’s awesome to consider.

4. Be honest… does anyone really really know you?
No one on earth knows me better than my husband. And I know God knows me even better than that. And I know they both love me, though my husband’s love is easier to fathom most of the time because he’s tangible and I can clearly hear him when he speaks to me.

5. If someone did, or does- what do you think they might love the best about you?
My husband would probably say he loves that life is never boring with me around. 😉

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