The comfort of old friends

I went out with my best friend Amy tonight for coffee. She swung by and picked me up, braving what were quickly becoming slick, snowy roads, and we headed out to Caribou. After getting our goodies, we snuggled down in the comfy leather chairs by the window and watched the snow fall as we talked…

….And talked…And talked. There is nothing like getting together with a girlfriend and just talking.

It’s such a comfort to have a good friend who, no matter how long it’s been since I’ve seen her, still seems to wrap that comfortable fellowship around me like a warm blanket. When we see each other, we pick right back up where we left off and enjoy each other’s company. It’s not complicated.

Is that rare? Anymore, I tend to think it is.

She and her husband have two kids now. Howie and I, by choice, are childless. I once heard that having children is akin to having a powerful religious experience. I can see that. Just as someone who has never met God can’t really grasp the concept of having a relationship with Him, people who do not have kids can’t really wrap their minds around what being a parent really means. It’s all academic to us childless households, aside from what parents tell us. But even then it’s academic.

I have to admit, we were worried that our friendship might falter when they began their family. Happily, though, we had a really good foundation to our friendship already, and we did keep a common ground in the midst of the flurry of lifestyle changes.

My point is, though your lives might be heading in different directions, it doesn’t mean you can’t maintain some commonality and stay good friends with people. Good, lasting friendships are few and far between in this world and they’re worth every bit of effort we put into them, and more. We love you guys!

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3 thoughts on “The comfort of old friends

  1. It’s wonderful that you have kept this friendship alive. There are a few people that I wish I hadn’t lost contact with.

  2. Friendship like this is what makes life more enjoyable. We all have many people in our lives but the fellowship you enjoy with that special friend is the best there is.

  3. Tami, why not drop them a note? You never know if an old friendship might be renewed. Good friends, true friends, really are hard to find.

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