The Colors of Haste

Not too far from courthouse square in our little burg, there is a set of railroad tracks. Cozied up to those tracks is a building boasting a paint scheme so vibrant, so spirited, it never fails to take my breath away. And I always think of my two color-loving friends, Naomi and Vikki, when I see it.

Purple and yellow. The building is sunny yellow. All the windows and doors, save one, are painted bright purple.

From the looks of it, someone painted it in a hurry. It stands empty, so no one took time to do a good job when they slapped on that paint. My theory is this: The city, in its effort to clean up certain problem neighborhoods, ordered the owner to paint building’s exterior. The owner complied, but painted it the most outlandish combination he could come up with, just out of spite.

When the late afternoon sun hits those hues, they come alive. I figure it will be torn down eventually, making way for some convenience store or low-income apartment building, and I’m glad I finally pulled over and took some pictures! I love shooting architecture, especially that with unusual lines or colors. I think this place qualified for the latter!

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