The case of the quivering canine

The Emminator’s been having some sort of seizures for the last several months – maybe 12 months, if that long. They only happened once every three months or so, but she’s had two recently – once when we had our company in mid-July, and again this last Friday. Both times, the seizures seemed precipitated by extra excitement in the form of lots of people and activity.

This last episode happened right as the insurance adjuster sat with me in the living room. We were hunched over the paperwork containing the claim info and estimate he’d put together about our roof. I tried pushing Emma past my legs to get her up on the couch, but she couldn’t move. She was still standing, but was shivering and seemed locked up. Her respiration and heart rate increased and she stared into space. This is the typical scenario when these occur.

I talked soothingly to her and stroked her until it passed, and when she lay down on the floor, we resumed going over the figures. He was an animal lover, and very understanding.

She doesn’t go into grand mal seizures, just does what I described. That part lasts two or three minutes, and then she comes out of it. Sometimes she acts a little woozy for a couple of minutes, but not always. She does seem tired, though with her confirmed couch potato proclivities, it’s hard to tell whether she’s zonked because of a seizure or if she’s just zonked.

She has an appointment with the vet on Thursday. He’s going to do a CBC (complete blood count). I found many good links about canine epilepsy and know that many epileptic dogs, such as my grandma’s little terrier mutt, Lucy, live to be old dogs. Still…Poor doggie.

She’s also got some dermatological thing going on, a place on her face. This appeared a few days after the Dog Swim on August 28th. The bumps don’t appear to be pustules and they don’t seem to bother her. They don’t hurt if we touch them, and she doesn’t scratch them like they itch. They don’t seem to be spreading, but they’re not going away, either. I know they’re unrelated to the seizure issue, but it’s one more thing to bring up on Thursday when we take her in.

P.S. I think these were THE most unflattering picture I’ve ever posted of my girl!

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3 thoughts on “The case of the quivering canine

  1. Don’t you wish the family insurance plan covered our pets! That would take SUCH a load off! It costs us $25 just to walk in the vet’s door!

    I hope your baby has a good visit on Thursday. She looks like a sweetie.

  2. Oh, poor Emma! Me and Maggie will keep our paws crossed for her. She is too cute for such unpleasantries. Good luck tomorrow!

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