The Blogs Of War

Okay, you know I cringe at the thought of conflict, but I’m moving a wee bit beyond my comfort zone and writing this in spite of the discomfort it causes me. Kim Komando linked to several blogs from the war at her site. She’s also linked to many ways to support the troops, and she’s gotten a lot of flack for it.

One person wrote her, ?You shouldn?t tell people to give thanks to the servicemen and women. It?s their job and they are getting paid for it.?

Boy, I bet that writer is one heck of a customer to people, demanding, bitter and bereft of any sense of appreciation for anyone but self. Anyone who works gets paid for what he does, and that doesn’t make him any less deserving or appreciative of some thanks.

Thank you, Kim. Thank you, soldiers and support staff in the military. That’s all I’m sayin’.

P.S. This is really something. Click the link on the page to listen to the phone call.

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