The biggest loser party

We’re not party people…NOT! We really enjoy entertaining, and Saturday promises to be a fun day for us losers.

I mean that in the sense of The Biggest Loser. We’re losers and proud of it!

About a month ago, we applied to be one of the hosts for a series of Biggest Loser 2 house parties being held around the nation. We received word a couple weeks ago that we were chosen as hosts. They sent us a DVD with the season premiere, along with some fitness-related items branded with the TBL2 logo. Saturday, we’re having some friends over to watch the season premiere, plus we’ll be posting pictures and blog entries at our party page.

Last night, a rep from House Party called on behalf of NBC and said the network would like to have their local affiliate station and newspaper interview us, either by phone or by coming to the party. She said our story was really inspiring…How cool is that? we’re excited about being able to encourage people!

There’s no way for me to directly link to our party page since they have the whole thing done in a Flash application, but friends of ours are welcome to e-mail me your e-mail addresses so I can invite you to the online festivities. The party photos and blog entries will be online after the event’s over, so it’s no biggie if you can’t be there right during the party Saturday evening.

Well, this house isn’t getting clean on its own. I’d better get my rear in gear and get out of here. Be sure you see the awesome news in my previous entry, by the way!

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