The big spendah’s demise

Has anyone seen the ad for Credit Guard of America? They may be a wonderful organization or they may be a complete scam, but their ads are awful! It opens with a waiter announcing to a diner, “I’m sorry, sir, but your credit card’s been declined”. The water, folds his hands over his crotch (what’s up with THAT?) and backs away as the camera re-focuses on the diners.

There are many anxious glances and we see a close-up of his wallet as he opens it to reveal — big surprise — no cash to pay for dinner! Just then, one of his dining companions pipes up, telling how Credit Guard can do marvelous things for the poor destitute sod. Then the lady seated next to him adds her two cents’ worth. Before long, complete strangers at the booths and tables surrounding our hapless fella testify about Credit Guard’s wonderworking power!

It’s truly awful, one of those badly-acted, silly ads that sticks in your mind for no reason other than its lack of quality. Imagine this scenario playing out in real life.

First, the diner would bluster about how there must be something wrong with their card reader, or the bank’s computers must be down. He has plenty of money, really! His companions would cast embarrassed looks at each other and smily wanly at him. Oh, how the Big Spender’s been brought low! Eventually, just to avoid a scene, one of his companions would probably offer to pay for the meal.

If his tablemates started talking about Credit Guard, our diner might politely listen, just to save face. After all, he can’t buy dinner, now can he? But if the other customers stuck their noses in his business, he’d be pretty ticked off.

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