The Bestest Vet in Town

When we brought Higgins home from the shelter last Monday, he wouldn’t eat. Yet he was actively exploring the house and seemed just fine. He was vomiting, too. For a day or so, we chalked it up to being stressed from being in a new environment.

He seemed like he was hungry and would approach his dish, but would sniff the food a few times and walk away. At one point, he tried eating, but just mouthed the food and spit it back out. He was getting dehydrated, too, because he would not drink (at least not that I’d seen).

On Thursday, I began giving him water with a turkey baster. He kept vomiting, wouldn’t eat. Not surprisingly, he became more lethargic. Our vet was off sick and his partner was booked solid all through the weekend.

Friday found him no better. Thank goodness, our vet’s receptionist squeezed us into the schedule. I was willing to wait hours if it would help Higgins! I ended up only being there for 45 minutes total, and Higgins got the works. Dr. Jim gave him subcutaneous fluids at the nape of his neck, along with an injection of an anti-nauseal agent, antibiotics and some vitamins. He also gave me a liquid antibiotic/anti-nauseal medicine to give Higgins twice daily.

When we got home, Higgins stepped out of the carrier and headed directly over to his food bowl! He just settled in and chowed down, a truly gratifying sight. Gravity pulled all the injected fluids down from around his neck to around his front legs. The only way I could adequately describe him was to say he looked like a big, furry water balloon!

He’s been great ever since. Thanks be to God and to Underwood Animal Hospital. If you had a website, I’d link to it. You guys are #1 in our book! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “The Bestest Vet in Town

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  2. Gosh, comments comin’ out the woodwork today! Yep, I have had comments from a talented web designer, an awesome webhost, and a creative artist I adore. I can rest happy tonight. 🙂

  3. Hey, Higgins thanks you all for the good wishes. Now we need to pray for Elliott and Hattie. Elliott quit eating a couple days ago, so we got him antibiotic from the vet. So far Hattie’s still eating, so maybe we can spare the $20 bottle of meds for her. Sure hope so!!

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