The barista’s dogs are barkin’

I started working at Caribou Coffee today. My dogs are barkin’. I mean the dogs at the ends of my legs, not my four-footed ones. Well, that’s technically not true because Howie just got home and the girls were barking their greeting right before I wrote this. Work went well, just have to acclimate my body to being on its feet for so long. Once I get past that, I’ll be golden.

21 thoughts on “The barista’s dogs are barkin’

  1. Congratulations to you! I hope you really enjoy this job! I’m sure it will be an adjustment since you have been home for so long, but you will be GREAT! Are you going to work part time or full time?

  2. I’ll be part-time. The plan is for me to carpool with the manager three days a week, so we’ll both save on fuel costs. I wanted to work a few longer days rather than just a few hours every day — again, gas prices.

  3. Gosh, I leave to have a baby and come back and both of you have jobs!!! Congratulations. I hope your feet adjust soon. I still remember the first time I started working at wally-world (I was 19 at the time) and boy my feet, legs, butt, everything below the belly button hurt for about a week. I couldn’t imagine standing on my feet all day at this age

    You might wanna check in over at 3fc. I think they are getting ready to send out other dogs to find y’all.

  4. It is great that you are enjoying the job. Take care of your back and feet though! Check out the nurses in your local hospital and see what shoes they are wearing these days! Your feet will thank you for it.

  5. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy being a Barista You ought to get LOTS of exercise :). May I suggest New Balance walking shoes approved by the USPS ?? They make every size from Extremely Small and Narrow to Shoes for Shaq! I wear the Cross Trainers myself.

    I was in Richmond IN this weekend to visit my new (first only …… etc) granbaby! Unfortunately the Hospital said that they

    “Proudly brewed ” S+*^bu(&$ Coffee.

    Obviously they are unaware that that Friends Don’t let Friends Drink S+*^bu(&$. There weren’t any other real coffee shops in town and the water tasted “different” too so I drank a lot of bottled water 🙂 Didn’t bring my beans & grinder. 🙁

  6. I can deal with S-B coffee if I have them dilute it with water from the teawater tap. Otherwise they brew the stuff so strong it makes me sprout chest hair. 😉

    I have some really comfy Brooks Adrenaline shoes with good arch support. My feet were sore mainly because I have been sitting on my patookus until this job. It’s getting better.

  7. It will be a nice job. you will meet all kind of wonderful people. Good luck! I hope your feet feel better soon! I am here today via Dr John, the Chairman of the Board of The University of Theology, College of Blogging. Im working on another degree, before you know it Im gonna be smarter than him.

  8. I think we have all been in that situation before. I hope you are able to relax and rest your dogs before the next shift you have. Dr. John sent me!!!

  9. Funny reference to the dogs barking….I never thought of my feet that way but now I will.

  10. Congrats on the new job. It’s been a week so I hope the “dogs” are feeling better. I’m here from Dr. John’s.

  11. last saturday my back went out due to “vigourous walking” as my doc called it. I called it “thinking I can do more than I can at 53” walking–today I went back to the gym just to put my toe back in. After reading these posts I think I need to get some better shoes. Sounds to me like you will love that job, though–Dr. John sent me–by the way.

  12. Well! It’s a good thing Dr. John got me to stop by here today! until now, I had no idea there was such thing as a Caribou Coffee Bar! You have to tell me where I can get my hands on a box of these!

  13. oh what a wonderful day then, to be send your way via dr.John’s marathon. i wish you a great working enviroment, a caring bunch of co-workers and fun.

  14. I remember you! Your’s is the blog that reminds me of “home.” Last time I was here you posted about expensive knives. Now you are posting about expensive coffee. Listen, since nobody will see your feet behind that counter, you might want to go to Sass Shoes and get a comfy pair of cloud soft — extend the comfort time on your feet — shoes. They’re spendy, but worth it. They’re also just what the Doctor ordered — I don’t know what doctor, though. Couldn’t have been Dr. John — he has just ordered us to run. And while running we must shout his name!

  15. I really like your blog design and hope to stop by again. Right now I’m running as fast as I can to catch up some on Dr. John’s marathon.

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