The amalgam that is Emma

My word-loving, dictionary-devouring friend Zanymuse will appreciate this good word: Amalgam. So, what’s this have to do with my dog? Let me tell you.

Emma is an amalgam of grace and turdishness (don’t bother looking that one up). She has incredibly long legs, and she has to put them somewhere. Consequently, she either gathers them beneath her, languishes like some movie starlet, or just makes due (actually, this is one of her favored positions — butt-on-something, front legs straight). Her quest for comfort often makes her the poor deformed doggie poster child. There doesn’t seem to be much of an in-between with her.

But she smiles, and makes us smile (and no, that’s not retouched!).

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4 thoughts on “The amalgam that is Emma

  1. I love Emma! She looks so svelt. (one of my favorite words!) Looks like that dog food of yours really does make her coat shiny. You really have a knack for dog photography, lemme tell ya. You get good moments.

    And the model isn’t half bad either. 😉

  2. Ha! I read the first lines and thought for sure she had eaten a dictionary and was a truly amalgamated cross now and starting to look like a book with fur! Or maybe a furball with reading glasses.

  3. Thanks, guys! She is the prettiest dog I’ve ever owned. I just love looking at her, and she’s such sweet, fun companion.

    No, Brenda, thank goodness she’s not a chewer (that was Buddy Beagle – he was the chewer!). YOU are the dictionary-devouring personage, LOL!

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