That New-Book Smell

I have in front of me a brand-new, never-read hardbound book: The fifth book in Stephen King’s much-famed Dark Tower series, Wolves of the Calla.

I’m so excited. I only began reading the Dark Tower series last year, so my wait between Book IV (published in 1997) and Book V was only a few months rather than six excruciatingly long years. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even be blogging right now; I’d be curled up reading.

Actually, I would probably have already bought it and been done with it by now, because I would have waited in line to buy it on its release date rather than getting it from the library.

As popular as this book will be with fans, I consider myself fortunate to have gotten it from the library this quickly. When I called to reserve it last week, the circulations lady told me they’d just gotten fourteen copies in and were getting them ready to circulate; I was one of six waiting for a copy. Fourteen copies, people — and we don’t have that big of a town, not compared to some metropolitan areas.

Truthfully, it was hard for me to get into Book I, The Gunslinger…And I’m a huge Stephen King fan.

It is different from his other fiction, though his style remains gloriously true. It begins more slowly than some of his other books, because there’s a whole world and culture being introduced; there’s just a lot to tell.

By the time I made it about a third of the way into the book, though, I was hooked. The characters are so cool, so true to themselves and to the reader, and you’re right along with them as they develop and face different challenges in their search for The Tower.

I could not put them down. They were that compelling.

Now, if you’d like to buy the book, for Heaven’s sake, don’t pay full retail on it. There are other options, and the best one doesn’t even involve going out of your house: has it for $21.99 — and there’s free shipping on orders over $25 right now. Wooooo! If you do decide to buy it, I’d appreciate your doing so through my link. {Very Big Grin}

8 thoughts on “That New-Book Smell

  1. My husband loves these books too. He’s one of the many who have waited years for this new book to come out.
    In Stephen King’s book: Everything’s Eventual, there is a short story that involves the gunslinger. Have you read that? It’s called The Little Sisters of Eluria. That’s as close as I’ve gotten to reading the series, but I plan to start soon. That story was soooooo interesting!!

  2. Hi, Tami – Welcome to my blog! I just came by yours and enjoyed reading, especially your 100 things. I need to do one of those soon. Won’t be hard, LOL.

  3. OH, and yes, I believe I’m pretty sure I did read “The Little Sisters of Eluria”, because I remember feeling like I was amongst friends when I saw Roland.

    I tend to go on great spurts of reading and things blend in my mind; it’s especially that way with King’s short stories, unless one particuarly stands out from the pack. I’ll have to go back and look!

  4. Hi gw!
    Just thought I’d stop in and say hello.
    Well, HELLO!
    Guess I’ll get back to readin Stoker’s “Dracula” now.

  5. Tried watching Dreamcatcher on the weekend……couldn’t do it. The only SK I’ve ever been able to sit thru is Stand By Me and Shawshank Redemption, some of his stuff (like dreamcatcher ) is way to dark for me, enjoy reading.

  6. Hey there, TC! 🙂

    Naomi, yes, Dreamcatcher was definitely dark and creepy. The book was very suspenseful (and gross). I’ve not seen the movie.

  7. By the way, the movie (and book) Hearts in Atlantis is not gory. The movie was good, but it didn’t begin to really tell the story that King wrote in the book!

  8. gw, have you heard that Stephen King based his “Dark Tower” series on a poem by Robert Browning (1812-1889)? The poem is “Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came”.
    I havn’t read any of the “Dark Tower” books…yet!


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