Thanks To Our Washer

I bid our humble 10+ year-old Whirlpool washing machine a thank you for its floundering agitator. Had it not ceased doing its job, I never would have found

Where else can you go to read a great blog and see step-by-step photos of appliance repair? Sounds like one of the combo deals Paul Reiser writes about in Couplehood, actually…It’s a blog and an appliance repair site!

But I digress. The self-proclaimed “oracle of appliance enlightenment” tackles our aggitator problem and so much more. And it’s all written in a decidedly tongue-in-cheek fashion that makes me want to read about appliances we don’t even own. He also has a Beer Fund (have your volume turned up) and an amazing money-making opportunity that’s hard to beat.

So surf on over there! Just don’t forget where you came from; I’ll leave the light on for ya. Maybe I’ll even put up a donation link for a Whirlpool Duet Washer (droooool…..).

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