Texting while driving is deadly

I could quote statistics, but this PSA and the accompanying interview  is far more effective.

Have I texted while driving? Of course I have. Even after my accident, caused by a distracted driver who looked up just in time to slam into my stopped car, I have done so. But this video is reminder enough that I won’t do it in the future.

I mean, really, how important is something that I have to take my eyes from the road to read it or reply? I can pull over or — fancy this idea — just wait.

An aside: Did you notice the part at 4:55 about what we’re now supposed to call those who have been in car wrecks? They’re “victims of unintended consequences”. As this gentleman expert says, “We don’t say accidents anymore because it implies some measure of fate and all these things are preventable.”

That’s one of the most ridiculous euphemisms I’ve heard. With that logic, we’ll have to subcategorize such occurances. Wreck preventable? Okay, that’s an Unintended Consequence. Deer jumps through your windshield? Accident! Well, wait. You could trace it back to urban sprawl and conclude the deer wouldn’t be on the roads if they had sufficient habitat.

Just call them motorvehicle accidents, people. KISS. And don’t text while you’re driving.

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