Tell them I’m a mermaid

I stumbled upon Filmstripman’s great collection of vintage 1970’s and 1980’s 16mm educational films tonight. Wow, what a resource!

This particular film, Tell them I’m a Mermaid, is particularly interesting. In it, seven women – all physically disabled in one way or another – share their stories via song and spoken word. Originally begun as an acting workshop, it evolved into this complete production. The playright, Nancy Becker Kennedy, sings and acts in it as well. She is the woman who is quadriplegic.

What a great message these strong women give. All three segments are below. Let me know what you think!

Part 2/3:

Part 3/3:

I thought this was awesome! Each woman challenged me in some way.

The NY Times published a feature about it on December 5, 1983. There’s a great line about them in it: “The women are interesting because they are interesting women.”

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