Technical difficulties spur new word combinations

This morning, I tried to access my e-mail and found Thunderbird just stuck on “connecting to server…”, then nothing. Howie was able to get his e-mail just fine, though.

I went to my website to see if it was down, and what came up was a parked page with a bunch of links on it. Dang!

My first thought was that I’d neglected to renew my domain, but I knew we’d renewed several of them right about the time we switched to our new host. Then I wondered if my domain had somehow been hijacked.

A few choice word combinations came from my mouth, I admit. Then came the tears. I think I may be more of a stress puppy than I’d thought. Blood pressure might just have been a bit elevated (I see the doctor about that Monday afternoon, by the way).

Howie didn’t at first understand why I’d be so upset. Later, though, I was able to explain how important this whole Gardenwife domain is to me and he realized it wasn’t “just a website”. It’s an extension of my life, a means of communication with friends around the world…I think many of you bloggers will understand that identity crisis feeling at the thought of having to start all over with a new domain name!

To make a long, stressful story short, I realized later this afternoon that I had, indeed, let my domain expire.

It took me by surprise, too, because the other registrars we’ve had send notices of impending renewal dates. We regularly get reminders from, starting out at 90 days before the renewal date. But with, no notices came to me at all. We’re not sure what happened there, whether the business just doesn’t offer that service or whether it was for some reason disabled.

Update: 5/16/2005: As my previous registrar has pointed out to me, it is incumbant upon me to let you all know that the reason I didn’t receive renewal reminders is that my forwarding address registered with NSNIC was no longer working. They were sent, but they did not reach me because the forwardering address was not in place.

Now that I have included this clarification, perhaps he will be kind enough to lift the ban on my IP address at his servers so I may assist with my church’s website if needed.

I renewed my domain at the ridiculously high $25.95/year price, then promptly initiated the transfer of our remaining domains to Godaddy. Renewals only cost us, what, $7.95/year there, plus Godaddy automatically extended the transferred domains’ renewals by a year for no additional charge.

Update 5/16/2005: My previous host/registrar has pointed out that some registrars will charge upwards of 4x that amount for renewals. True, but that doesn’t change anything. He pointed out that I did not have my credit card on file. We do not keep a card on file with most places, especially for automatic renewal, because we don’t use credit cards. We keep a debit card for internet purchases and transfer money into that account only as needed for purchases we’re making.

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4 thoughts on “Technical difficulties spur new word combinations

  1. I think having the same domain name brings some stability to your life also. That is why it is hard for me to understand when someone constantly changes hers.

    I?m so glad that you got it back again 🙂

  2. Yikes! The very thought of Gardenwife being someone else is scary! There can be only one and you be it!

  3. This is true — only one of me! I’m glad it’s back on track now, too. Wish I had the moolah to renew it and the others for 5 or more years at a whack, just so it wouldn’t be a scramble each year.

  4. Glad to hear you got it all straightened out. Although I don’t have my own domain name, I’ve pretty much kept the barbygirl43 identity on most things I sign up for. So I can imagine you felt the same way I do when I try to sign up for something new only to find out someone has “snagged” my “identity.”

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