Tear-Stained Chicken Feet

Jan lost it again on Survivor Thailand. It wasn’t a bat this time, but a chicken. Its pieces-parts are now snugly nestled in beneath the sand next to young Oliver the Bat’s wee grave. With Helen spouting off recipes like she does, I’m surprised she didn’t come up with one for chicken feet. I’ve a friend in South Carolina who swears by them (crispy!). And I know some Cajuns down the Louisiana way who definitely would know how to make good use of them, though it’d be a lot of work for just two bites. That’s why we’ve told our friends not to divulge the ingredients in our meals until after we’ve consumed them, LOL. Anyway, I think the Survivors are a little too well-fed if they don’t consider the feet as something marginally edible. Shii Ann would have eaten them. 😉

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