Tear-Aid patch tape is amazing

I bought two rolls of the Tear-Aid Type A patch tape to fix some tears in our gazebo’s canopy and reinforce the stitching where hooks are attached around its edges. It has held up through wind and rain for about 3 weeks now and looks like it’s a winner.
Today, I used the Tear-Aid tape to repair some bad tears in one of our van’s leather seats. I should have taken a before shot so you could see how extensive it was. It was so bad, a chunk of the exposed foam cushion had broken off. The leather is very worn and paper-thin in places, so it wasn’t something we could sew. Tear-Aid to the rescue!
Redneck? Maybe, but it worked great for years! Tear-Aid tape repair of leather van seat.

Redneck? Maybe, but it worked great for years! Tear-Aid tape repair of leather van seat.

We are going to get seat covers for the two front seats, but in the meantime, this tape is doing an admirable job of holding everything together in an understated way. My father’s suggestion of duct tape was ignored. 😉 Duct tape just becomes brittle in the sun, plus it’s a sticky mess.
The TEARepair products are amazing. There is no gooey epoxy to deal with. The patches go on clear and are pliable. They are watertight, airtight, and puncture resistant. I learned with my first experience with it that it’s very sticky and once it sticks to itself, you might as well cut a new piece. I also learned that you should round the corners of any patches you cut — this I learned from the very detailed instructions enclosed with the product. I can’t emphasize this enough: Read them.

Tear-Aid Type A, in the tan box, is good on everything except vinyl; for vinyl, you need Tear-Aid Type B in the green box. It retails for about $25 for a 3″ wide, 5′ long roll, so it is not cheap. They also have small patch kits which sell for about $8.
This stuff does cost quite a bit, but it’s worth it. I was able to find Both Type A and Type B at Amazon.

UPDATE 5/25/2013: That tape held up beautifully on the van’s seat and on the canvas gazebo top. The van was totaled in a deer-van wreck, but the seat still held together. The canvas rotted on the gazebo canopy and tore, but never where the tape was. We highly recommend this repair tape!

2 thoughts on “Tear-Aid patch tape is amazing

  1. I had never heard of this product, but I will remember it now. Thanks for the review. Your seat looks great!

  2. I found it by chance while looking up info on repairing canvas. I wish I’d seen the company’s own website before I’d bought mine; it was cheaper that way, getting it in bulk. I am leaving the Amazon links, though, because I know a lot of people earn gift cards there for doing surveys like I do, so it’s a good source, too. I had a $25 credit on the books with them, so I only paid $25 for both rolls and had free shipping.

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