Dawes sunset

I took the long way home from work yesterday, stopping at the Dawes Arboretum to watch the sunset and check out the cypress swamp. It was chilly and the clouds kept rolling by. They cleared up in time for me to enjoy a beautiful sunset from the vantage point of the observation deck positioned on top of a hill overlooking the hedge lettering.

Here’s the best shot from the evening. Click the thumbnail to enlarge.


Sunset at Dawes Arboretum


Dawes is one of Howie’s and my favorite places to relax, has been for years. We remember when they replaced all the¬†shrubs in the hedge lettering years ago; they looked like little green cotton balls, so much space between them. Now look at them! We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful oasis so close to our town. There is something interesting and beautiful to see at every time of year and I thank God for the blessing. Thank God for people who have the foresight to design such places, knowing it will be generations before some of their vision comes to fruition.