About the size of it…Stella’s paws

Our girl’s pretty big in the paw department. We wonder how big she’ll be when she’s full-grown. Here are Stella’s paws as compared to a typical 14.5 oz. can of diced tomatoes:

Another comparison with a different view of the same can…

Her nose is growing longer, too…

It’s so fun to watch a mutt grow up, because you never really know what it’ll look like in a year or two.  Forrest’s mama had it right when she said, “life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Kinda like mutts!

Dave’s Garden people are the best!

Dave’s Garden people are the best! Howie and I have known this for a long time, since 2001 as a matter of fact. When Howie had his life-changing back surgery at Johns Hopkins in 2006, it was DG people who buoyed our spirits in the forums during the  months leading up to his surgery and for months afterward. It was DG friends who took us into their Maryland home like family while he recovered. It was DG people who watched a continuing thread I updated right from the waiting room while he had his surgery. It’s a stellar group of people there. It’s family.

Today, I learned of another member, Tracy Pruitt, aka aggiegrl, who witnessed this kind of community support this month. In response to her post regarding her family having to vacate their rental home, she witnessed gardeners arriving at her home from all around Texas, all to help her move her beloved garden. The story was picked up by NPR and All Things Considered aired a story about it. Go give it a listen. It’ll do your heart good.

It makes sense that the people at a gardening website would be nurturing, giving people. A true gardener loves to share!