Melinda Herman and the gun debate

Over seven minutes elapsed from the time her husband called to the time the police arrived. Fortunately, she was able to defend herself and her kids. Even if she’d called 911 first instead of her husband, that would have been at least seven minutes she waited. If that were me and my family, I would be very thankful I had my gun.

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I haven’t blogged about gun control, seeing as my husband does plenty of that at The H-Man. I grew up around firearms and hunting, but because my dad was an abusive person and my relationship with him was poor, I associated all of that with him. My husband began getting interested in guns a few years ago and I really struggled with it. I just associated them with good old boys and my father. Slowly, through keeping an open mind and watching some of the excellent shooting shows on TV, I began to respect the skills of marksmen and overcame my irrational feelings. I enjoy target shooting now and am thankful I know how to safely handle a gun and shoot.

Like I said, I am glad Melinda Herman was able to defend herself and I’m proud of her for using her skills to do so. There have been many cases where homeowners haven’t been able to do so, and terrible things have happened. With proper training, safe handling, and a plan, firearms can save your life.